Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Zionism is not synonymous with being a Jew; and a Jewish identity does not lie inclusively within the Torah. Since the end of 1919, the evolution of Zionism had slowly made its way into the consciousness of the modern world we know today. In relation to the escalation of violence between Arabs and Jews in Palestine; an examination of British Foreign Policy within the territory is a contextual must in understanding today's mitigated Middle East problem. Israel is not perfect, and as her violent beginnings into statehood, is an attestation to the rest of us; that we collectively lost any moral or legitimate grounds to criticize her birth in the aftermath of the Holocaust.  The current state of affairs has been further aggravated by foreign policies of several nations, over several decades in which time have irrevocably created an impasse in the Middle East.
 We no longer have the fortitude to publicly acknowledge the repercussions of past and current foreign governments within Palestine. Becoming anti-Semitic bystanders is not an option; neither is supporting ultra-orthodox political or faith based Israeli governmental policies aimed at subjugating ethnic Arab Palestinians within the region.  One thing is certain; permitting political, racial and faith based doctrine espousing the destruction of Israel by Hamas (or any other terrorist cell) sponsored by Arab States -will not further the cause of peace.
It is an old game, played on an even older parcel of land; and blood is its price. As we witness another temporary truce which will not further the cause of peace, but will only achieve a semblance of victory for those who measure such things; the West must face this truth. The Arab world must willingly, forcefully, militarily, impose its will on terrorism. It must irrevocably crush it among its people. It must accept Israel’s right to live in peace. It is easy to say these things will never come to pass. It is easy to hate, easy to destroy, easy to die. If we do not see the merit in living, if we do not have the political will to coerce a meaningful lasting agreement in the Middle East; if we are so far removed that we simply do not care until we ourselves in the West, experience the kind of day-to-day living conditions in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, than we deserve retribution. 

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